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Recently Published Issue of the Journal in Current Gene Therapy

Current Gene Therapy is a bi-monthly peer-reviewed journal aimed at academic and industrial scientists with an interest in major topics concerning basic research and clinical applications of gene and cell therapy of genetic diseases. Cell therapy manuscripts can also include application in non-genetic diseases when cells have been genetically modified. Current Gene Therapy publishes reviews and original research on the latest developments in gene transfer and gene expression analysis, vector development, cellular genetic engineering, animal models and human clinical applications of gene and cell therapy for the treatment of genetic diseases.
Following are the articles from the journal in Current Gene Therapy, 15issue 5:

Article: CFTR Inactivation by Lentiviral Vector-mediated RNA Interference and CRISPR-Cas9 Genome Editing in Human Airway Epithelial Cells
Author(s)Jessica Bellec, Marc Bacchetta, Davide Losa, Ignacio Anegon, Marc Chanson and Tuan Huy Nguyen

Article: Molecular Imaging to Monitor Repair of Myocardial Infarction Using Genetically Engineered Bone Marrow-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells
Author(s):  Shuo Shi, Min Zhang, Rui Guo, Ying Miao, Xiangming Zhang and Biao Li

Article: Folate-conjugated Chitosan-poly(ethylenimine) Copolymer As An Efficient and Safe Vector For Gene Delivery in Cancer Cells
Author(s): Wing-Fu Lai and Marie C. Lin

Article: Biodistribution of LV-TSTA Transduced Rat Bone Marrow Cells Used for “Ex-vivo” Regional Gene Therapy for Bone Repair
Author(s): Farhang Alaee, Cynthia Bartholomae, Osamu Sugiyama, Mandeep S. Virk, Hicham Drissi, Qian Wu, Manfred Schmidt and Jay R. Lieberman

Article: Bifunctional siRNA Containing Immunostimulatory Motif Enhances Protection Against Pandemic H1N1 Virus Infection
Author(s):  Gaurav Joshi, Paban Kumar Dash, Ankita Agarwal, Shashi Sharma and Manmohan Parida

Article: Therapy for Dominant Inherited Diseases by Allele-Specific RNA Interference: Successes and Pitfalls
Author(s): Delphine Trochet, Bernard Prudhon, Stéphane Vassilopoulos and Marc Bitoun

Article: Current Genome Editing Tools in Gene Therapy: New Approaches to Treat Cancer
Author(s):  Oleg Shuvalov, Alexey Petukhov, Alexandra Daks, Olga Fedorova, Alexander Ermakov, Gerry Melino and Nickolai A Barlev

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